Vehicle Capacity and Size Limitations

  • Maximum vehicle weight is limited to 60,000 lbs gross.

  • No dump trucks with more than two rear axles will be transported.

  • All dump trucks towing trailers must be unloaded.

  • Gravel trains are not permitted.

  • Maximum size of roll off garbage dumpsters is 20 yards.

  • Flatbed trucks with sod, shingles, etc. limited to 10 standard pallets.

  • Trucks with lowboy trailers hauling construction equipment are limited to 60,000 lbs gross vehicle weight for the truck and trailer combined. Trailer must have hydraulic lift capability to allow for the front of the trailer to be raised.

  • Maximum length of any vehicle from front to rear wheels is 76 ft.

Management reserves the right to modify the above limitations without notice due to changing water levels.