Rates and Charges

Rates are in U.S. Currency

Credit and Debit Cards are NOT accepted at this time

Ticket book price is now $140 for 20 trips

Price per single wheel trailer axle is now $7.00


Automobiles and Other Single Wheel Vehicles

Vehicle TypePrice (Round Trip)
Car (Including Passengers)$10.00
1-Axle trailer with 1 wheel on each side of the axle$7.00
Each Additional Axle$7.00
Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Mopeds, Motorized Bikes, Golf Carts, Riding Lawnmowers$5.00

Trucks, Busses, Trailers with Dual Wheels, and Large Wheeled Construction Equipment

Vehicle TypePrice (Round Trip)
1st Rear Axle In Addition to Front Axle$20.00
Gas Truck (1 Axle)$30.00
Each Additional Rear Axle$20.00
Dual Wheel Pickup Trucks $10.00

There is No Charge for Pedestrians and Bicycles.


Non-paying passengers travel at their own risk. Champion's Auto Ferry is not responsible for damage to vehicles with low ground clearance, or for your poor driving skills.